After much deliberation and experimentation, we are proud to announce that we’ve migrated from Google Sites, which was severely limited in its potential, to dedicated hosting with Nearly Free! As well as obvious changes to the aesthetics to the site, the code snippets in the tutorials now support syntax-highlighting and lines numbering, very useful features I’m sure you’ll agree! We’re also considering a comment system, but that will not be in place just yet; we’d love to hear your opinions on that.

This change will also coincide with some new content, most notably a brand new RPG tutorial and Hangman tutorial. The current RPG tutorial was the first one ever written for this site, and as such is rather out of date. It’s also not the most well written thing in the world, code including. The old tutorial will no longer be available to view for various reasons, but the source code will remain on the main RPG tutorial page for now.

Unfortunately this change does come at a slight price (a real monetary one) and so some method of sustaining the site will eventually be implemented. It would be wonderful if we could continue this site without ads, but depending on the circumstances they may be necessary in the future. We’re also considering a donation system, and if enough support for this is expressed then we will favour that over ads. Please, send us your thoughts!