Data Structures

After a rather long hiatus I’ve uploaded the beginnings of a new tutorial series on data structures, which will explain and give example implementations (where relevant) of

  • Arrays
  • Linked Lists
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Graphs
  • Trees
  • Heaps

as well as demonstrate the Standard Template Library implementations (again, where relevant) of those structures. It took me a while to bother learning about the above, but without trying to sound too sensationalist, when I did it really changed how I viewed program design! I definitely encourage anyone looking to improve their ability to check them out.

The code in these tutorials (more of a guide really) is written to work with generic types, and so makes use of templates, which I am aware I have not covered in the Beginner’s Tutorial. That will change soon however as I plan on updating that with some more advanced topics in the near future!

Starting To Code

I recently realised that there was no resource on here for the absolute beginner level, all of the tutorials assumed that you knew how to structure a program and how the development process works! Clearly that was a big oversight on my part, so I’ve now replaced the Compiling Code page with a Starting To Code section instead, which includes the previous content on how to compile code with an extra part on what header and source files are. Whilst I don’t think it’ll apply to most of you, it’s there if you need it!

Happy Programming!

RPG Tutorial and Hosting

Rather embarrassingly it seems that I forgot to include some of the code that is in the actual source code in the tutorial, such that an entire section was missing! I apologise for that as I know that it has been causing people some problems (quite rightly)! I’ve added the remaining section to the tutorial (that allows the player to see their items, experience, and attributes) and I have also added a few parts that were left out in other sections. I thought about doing it sneakily but decided it better to simply admit the mistake! Expect some more tutorials in the near future as compensation, and of course please do not hesitate to contact me if you want help with the tutorials or have a suggestion (or have noticed a glaring omission…) for the site. Furthermore, since interest in donations was minimal I have decided to add ads to the site in order to pay for the hosting. This was a somewhat regrettable decision but it was necessary given the circumstances.

New Site Design

After much deliberation and experimentation, we are proud to announce that we’ve migrated from Google Sites, which was severely limited in its potential, to dedicated hosting with Nearly Free As well as obvious changes to the aesthetics to the site, the code snippets in the tutorials now support syntax-highlighting and lines numbering, very useful features I’m sure you’ll agree! We’re also considering a comment system, but that will not be in place just yet; we’d love to hear your opinions on that. This change will also coincide with some new content, most notably a brand new RPG tutorial and Hangman tutorial. The current RPG tutorial was the first one ever written for this site, and as such is rather out of date. It’s also not the most well written thing in the world, code including. The old tutorial will no longer be available to view for various reasons, but the source code will remain on the main RPG tutorial page for now. Unfortunately this change does come at a slight price (a real monetary one) and so some method of sustaining the site will eventually be implemented. It would be wonderful if we could continue this site without ads, but depending on the circumstances they may be necessary in the future. We’re also considering a donation system, and if enough support for this is expressed then we will favour that over ads. Please, send us your thoughts!